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Are you an immigrant? Are you looking for an Immigration Lawyer to handle the legal issues while you settle in?

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Well, you are in the largest and the most experienced hub for Immigration Lawyer Sweden. Just tell us what you need our help with and we will find you the right Immigration lawyer based on your requirements& social stature.

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Common Practice Areas For Our Immigration Lawyers

Immigrant Investor & Business Permission

EU Treaty Rights


Work Permit

Family Reunification


Judicial Issues

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Why choose our firm

We have the experience

Our team has been operating in Sweden for years. All of the clients we handled were happy with the handling of their situation to the outcome. Besides, over the years, our lawyer-client matching system has evolved and perfected. With all of our experience in matching an immigration lawyer based on the client’s need to handling our client’s situations efficiently, we are one of the most experienced immigration lawyer’s in Sweden.

We define success for our clients

We define success for our client's situation by giving them exactly what they came to us. We believe in “permanent solution” rather than working on “temporary solve”.

We are transparent with our promises

When an Immigrant lawyer is appointed to our clients, they study their situation and come to a reasonable procedure to deal with the case. Also, our immigration lawyers are always straightforward to the clients about their situation and how this can be handled.

Let our experience be your guide 

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What Is Our Specialty?

With our rich collection of Immigration Lawyers, we can handle any types of immigrant cases and disputes from business permissions to deportation.

1.    Multilingual lawyers

It is notmandatory to knowSwedish for immigrants Stockholmor immigrants living in other places in Sweden because we have multilingual lawyers to handle clients from different parts of the world.

2.    Business Permission for Immigrants

If you are an immigrant and want to start your business in Sweden, you need permission to get the venture going. You can rely on our immigration lawyers for that. They will assessyour case and offer you a viable solution that you lead you one step closer to your dream business.

3.    Investing opportunities for Immigrants

If you don’t want to start your own business yet and just want to make an investment in local businesses, you can look forprofessional consultancy from our lawyers who are specialized in handling financial issues of immigrants in Sweden.

4.    EU Treaty Rights

If you are a citizen of the European Union and if you are being deprived of your EU treaty rights in any way, you can seek professional assistance to us. Just let us know your current situation and we will ensure you get the best lawyer to handle it.

5.    Swedish Citizenship

Have you been living in Sweden for quite a while? Do you want Swedish citizenship to enjoy all the facilities and benefits? Well, our immigration lawyers are here to help you with getting proper citizenship in Sweden.

6.    Work Permit in Sweden

Are you looking for a work permit? Did your existing work permit expire and you just want to renew it? We got you covered. Our lawyers will assist you in the work permit application and guide you through the entire process.

7.    Family Reunification

There are plenty of immigrants who came to Sweden for business and official purposes while their family remainsin other countries. To help them bring their family in Sweden as legal immigrants, we have an experienced team of lawyers who could make your case and bring you closer to your family by legalizing their entry.

8.    Deportation

Are you being deported from Sweden wrongfully? Do you want to establish your legal stature to the authorities and enjoy the immigrant’s facilities? You are in the right place because we have dealt with many cases like this before and our team of lawyers has successfully prevented many mistakenly ordered deportations in the last few years. We believe we can help you too.

9.    Other Judicial Issues

No matter what type of immigrant-government fuss you are in, we can always help you get what’s rightfully yours. We will make sure you are not deprived of anything you deserve.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Among all the immigrant lawyers’ firm in Sweden, we are the most trusted ones and our clients will vouch for that.

1.    We have an exceptional track record

Unlike other law agencies and firms, our track record is far better with a very high success rate. You won’t find anyone with a better track record in this field than us.

2.    Competitive fees

We offer the best services with the most competitive fees. You won’t get a better consultancy at lower fees than ours. You can check others but we can guarantee that you will return to us at the end. And we will be here for you when you get the proof that we indeed offer the most competitive fees.

3.    Complete transparency

Before handling your issue and throughout the process, we will always be transparent to you about the fees and about the current situation of your case. You can expect 100% transparency from our end.

4.    A dedicated customer support team

Our work doesn’t end with us appointing you a lawyer. We stick to our clients until they are satisfied with their end situation. If at any point in time you want us to appoint you a new lawyer or want usto help you with a new situation, our dedicated customer support team will be there. Besides, whether you want an Immigration Lawyer in Malmo, Sweden, in Stockholm or in any parts of Sweden, we can appoint you a lawyer matching your needs. So, you can rely on us and our team of professionals with your situation.

5.    Quick solutions

Whether it is regarding a work permit or something more sensitive like deportation, we understand the urgency of your situation. That’s why we take very little time in matching a lawyer and appointing one. Also, our lawyers are also quite understanding about the urgency of these sensitive issues. So, you can expect zero latency from our end and that’s why we are so trusted by the immigrant community of Sweden.

We look at the law differently

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I would like to tell people how good you are on this service. Because of your service I am now in Sweden and also recommended other personals to visit you.
Your service price is little high but you did well enough. Honestly ask little lower price and overall is ok.
Edvinas Richard
Because of my business I had to visit Sweden very urgently. But immigration department refused. I was in deep trouble then your company helped me out. Keep up this kind of service.
My uncle lives is Sweden and managed to have me a job in Sweden. But the problem was immigration department. Luckily you helped.